We focus on biostabilization, which is the science of stably storing biologicals and it aims at developing methods to enhance storage stability of macromolecules, cells, and tissues using thermodynamic and transport principles.

On the other hand, our bioencapsulation research aims at designing organic-synthetic materials to be used in biotechnology and biomedicine.

Our research in biostabilization area aims at stably storing biologicals (proteins, enzymes, liposomes, cells, biological fluids, and tissues) by cooling, freezing, and drying.


Our bioencapsulation research aims at building synthetic-organic systems to be used in biotechnology, and as biomaterials.

Our biotechnology research focuses on encapsulating bacteria and enzymes in synthetic gels to be used in bioremediation and biocatalysis.

Our biomaterials research focuses on producing living materials capable of self-repair.

hydrophobic gels

Our biomedicine research focuses on developing methods to identify and isolate single dormant cells, which are the main sources of metastases and residual disease

cells in gels