BioGelLabs conduct research on biostabilization and bioencapsulation

dmso image

Image: Transmitted light image of frozen DMSO solution

We utilize spectroscopic techniques to explore thermodynamic and kinetic phenomena during freezing/thawing, drying, and vitrification of biologicals. We aim at developing better methods to enhance the storage stability of enzymes, cells, and tissues. For example, we are developing novel matrices that enable storage of archival serum samples at room temperature. 


encapsulated e coli

Image: SEM image of a bacterium encapsulated in a silica gel

We utilize engineering principles to design and manufacture synthetic-organic materials that are used in bioremediation and biocatalysis. For example, we use encapsulated bacteria to remove hydrocarbons or herbicides from drinking water. We also focus on making engineered living biomaterials that can self-generate and self-heal.